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Are You a Service-Based Business Owner?

My name is Lynn Coffey and I promise that I can deliver a turn-key, cutting edge website that is super easy to use...

And I Will Do It Within 4 Business Days!

After 15+ years of building websites I have learned that these 3 strategies generate leads and sales:

Connection = Conversion

Simple = Sales

Focus = Future Clients

Forget outsourcing to a slow-poke web designer that knows nothing about conversions or sales. Forget building your own amateur website that hurts your branding and reputation.

“We Have Been Getting More Leads... One Signed Up Last Night for a $7,000 Program! Whatever You Do, It’s Working!” - Ben Pickard

"Our Website Has Put Me in a Total Different Category When It Comes to Local Personal Trainers" - Kennett Washington


I wasn't always a trusted website strategist. Once upon a time, I knew nothing about websites at all. I was a personal trainer and ran a fitness center. My goal was simple - get more members!

This is when I started looking at other people's websites and noticing how beautiful or flashy they were. I thought I needed something that made a big statement and looked really expensive. I wanted all the bells and whistles.

"44 Leads Since Taking Your Recommendations for My Site. Sadly, that’s more leads than I received from my old site in the previous 18 months." - Mike Williams

And so began my journey of expensive webmasters...

I'll never forget the struggle of having to explain what I'm looking for to a run-of-the-mill webmaster that does NOT understand anything about marketing or growing a business. I know what it's like to wait for days and even weeks while they make simple changes - and forget about larger edits... it took them FOREVER.

But the worse part was that the final product did nothing for me. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. It just sat there and looked cool. It never generated new leads or members.

And so began my journey of DIY programs...

I'm sure you can relate to spending hours and hours sifting through DIY themes that look beautiful as a demo site, but then look like crap when you try to install it on your own host, add your logo, and customize it to your brand colors, add in your testimonials, etc. It looks nothing like the original demo site you were promised.

And you end up with a mediocre site that does... well you probably already know the answer... Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

It does not position you as an expert.

It does not capture lead information..

It does not hook the right people while repelling the wrong ones.

It does not differentiate you from your competition

And it is not easy to update.

Success Strategy #1) Connection = Conversions

You need more leads and clients and you're looking for a website to help your business grow - otherwise what's the point of it? You probably have a website now and it just sits there gathering virtual dust. It's nothing more than an online brochure that looks nice - at best.

Here's something you may have heard before: people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

So how do you get people to know, like, and trust you?

Through being human on your website. You have to connect with your website visitors in order for them to get to know you. This connection builds as they read your content, watch your videos, and look through your images.

"I Wanted to Let You Know That Since Our Call Last Week, I Now Have 5 New Clients and More in the Pipeline!" - Lisa Michelle

Once they feel comfortable that you get them... that you understand their problems/obstacles and journey then they'll feel comfortable signing up for your free offer.

It's not until a connection occurs that someone will take an action.

This is the 1st reason most websites fail miserably.

"Lynn Has Been Responsible For Easily Over $100K In income To Our Company"

"I Can Account for $80,000 in Revenue Just Over the Last Year"

Success Strategy #2) Simple = Sales

Since those early days, I've learned a ton about websites. I've learned what makes them work and what makes them fail. And one of the major things that jumped out at me was how my conversion rates increased dramatically when my website was simple and not cluttered with "filler".

As the business owner, I wanted the cool stuff like sliding images or a video playing in the background. I wanted custom fonts. I wanted a kick-butt design that spoke to me. I wanted to put as much as I could on my home page - testimonials, a Google map of my facility, my class schedule, a description of my services, my certifications, and so on. I felt that the more info I gave, the better.

I was 100% wrong.

"Lynn Has a Rare Combination of Programming, Design, and Marketing Chops, but What Impresses Me More Is Her Heart." - Ryan Lee

Truth be told, as the business owner we think everything we do is super important.

But the problem is that all of the "stuff" does nothing but paralyzes website visitors - often called "analysis paralysis". I was giving them too much to focus on and the result was they simply did nothing at all - AKA no one was filling in my lead generation forms.

Once I simplified my design and focused on what my new future client would need... my conversions skyrocketed.

This is the 2nd reason most websites fail miserably. 

"My Conversion Rates Are Sky-Rocketing Right Now. This Website Really Saved My Business."

"If You Are Thinking About a Website from Lynn You Better Do It Yesterday - She’s So Good."

Success Strategy #3) Focus = Future Clients

Far too often run-of-the-mill webmasters know nothing about business. So they build you a website that focuses on your business. 

Makes sense after all... 


The problem is that when the focus is on what you sell then you become a commodity. Your business becomes no different than the competition down the street.

Successful websites focus on future clients - not the actual business or the service it sells. 

"What You Produced in 2 Days Is 300% Better Than What I Had Before. If I Knew of you Sooner I would Have Saved Much Time, Grief, and Money!" - Bob McKee

And they know that success will only come after they go on a journey with a qualified expert. They're going to whip out their credit card and sign up with the person they know, like, and trust. They're going to happily invest with someone that gets them. 

After all, no one likes to go on a journey of any kind with someone they don't know, like, or trust. 

Think about that for a moment. You would hate working for a boss that you didn't like or respect. You would hate taking a multi-day road trip with someone that bored you to tears. You would never invest $100s or $1,000s of dollars in a business coach that had no results. 

Why would you ever expect people to pay you if they don't yet know, like, and trust you? 

That last line is a HUGE gold nugget.

"Shout Out to Lynn Coffey for Being, Quite Arguably, One of the Most Incredible People I’ve Worked With on All Things Business." - Janelle Pica

When business owners get this mindset shift, big things happen. Your website must make your future client feel connected to you and it needs to be focused on them, their journey, and their results. 

Your future new client must be on your site and thinking, "Wow, this person gets me. They totally understand what I feel like, and they've helped so many people that were in my exact spot. They are showing me just how different they are."

Not getting that your website is about your future new client is the 3rd reason most websites fail miserably.

"85% of My Business Is From the Internet"

"I've Referred Her to About 50 of Our Clients"

What You Really Want...

You want a professional website that you can be proud of.

You want it built fast.

You want to finally cross off "Complete Website" from Your to do list.

You want incredible support that you can trust.


Here's Everything You Get…

Domain Name I'll purchase a domain name on your behalf! If you already own a domain that you want to use, no problem!

Lightning-Fast Cloud Hosting Receive lightning-fast, ultra-secure and scalable hosting. No more slow-to-load websites!

Ridiculously Great Support There's a reason I have over 200 testimonials. I often respond to your support request within minutes.

Edit & Add Your Own Pages No need to wait days or even weeks for webmasters to make the changes that you want completed today - just login and add or edit pages - it's super simple. And yes, you can add UNLIMITED pages!

No Techie Stuff You could spend thousands of dollars per year for contract fees and hourly rates for simple phone calls. But that's not the case here. I deal with all the "techie" stuff so you can focus on what's important – your business!

Lightning-Fast Turn Around Traditional webmasters can take weeks, months or even years to develop something. I've heard way too many horror stories about this. I build and get your website live in 4 days or less!

No Lengthy Contracts No contracts. This is a low-cost month-to-month service that you can cancel at any time and for any reason. You're never locked into an agreement that doesn't work for you.

Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee A full 30-Day money back guarantee from the day you sign up. Take InControl Websites for a test drive. I'm that confident! I've yet to see another webmaster offer a money back guarantee! That speaks volumes about my service and commitment to you.

Updates, Updates, Updates What most webmasters won't tell you is that after they build the site it's up to you to upgrade the database, core files, plugins, theme, and framework. I upgrade all of your files so you never have to worry about it.

Easily Add Video Anywhere on the Site Video is powerful. Add as many videos as you want: testimonials from clients, a welcome video, a video tour of your facility, and anything else you can think of!

Unlimited Email Addresses Have unlimited email addresses with your own webmail system to manage them. Read messages online or have them redirected to your own e-mail client like Outlook or your smart phone.

Generous Payment Plans If you'd like to finance your initial setup fee, I'll work with you so it's something you can afford – I'd like everyone to have a website they can be proud of. Payment plans are shown at checkout.


Lynn Coffey

I'll Do Your Website Edits for You Maybe you don't want to do your own edits or you just don't have time. No problem. Simply email me your content and I will add it to your website on your behalf - for NO ADDITIONAL COST! 

And as I'm sure you're figuring out by now... your edits will be done super-fast! 

This is just 1 more way that I can make your website experience easier than what you have now so that you can focus on your clients and doing what you love.

"Over the Last 2 Weeks I Signed Up 18 People… My Website Was a Big Part of That."

"It Is Very Easy to Use and Has Created a Lot of Traffic for Our Bellydance Studio"

But Don't Take My Word For It… Compare for Yourself!

Services Traditional Webmaster InControl Websites
design imgPSD Design Only $800 $0
coding imgGetting the Design LIVE $1000 $897
retainer imgRetainer Plans $77/Month $97/Month
mob css imgAccess to Wesite Expert $120/Month $0
add fee imgAdditional Page Fee $20 Per Page $0
blog imgBuilt-In Blog $150 $0
domain imgDomain $20/Year $0
host imgHosting $100/Year $0
tech sup imgTech Support $40/Hour $0
page layout imgAdditional Page Layouts $400 $0
seo imgTotal SEO Control $300 $0
money imgMoney Back Guarantee No YES
money imgUnderstands Website Strategy No YES
$2,650 Set Up + $120/Year +
$197/Month + $40/Hour for
Support + $20 Per Page Fee

(and you still don't have all the
features of an InControl Website)
$897 One-Time Set Up and
$97 per Month

*Super inexpensive compared
to traditional webmasters!

How Much Do You Want to Pay? A Whopping $2,650 or Just $897? It's Kind of a No-Brainer.

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"Take It From Me, I Am Very Meticulous and Anal About How Things Are Done... Lynn Is the Best."

"In the Last 6 Months, I’ve Followed Lynn’s Advice and Everything Has Worked."

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee: Try InControl Websites for a Full 30-Days, 100% Risk-Free.

If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. 

I'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

Let me tell you exactly why I offer this unbeatable guarantee.

At the end of the day, you’re running a business. You know that you need a professional website that is easy-to-use and you know that you have a lot of different options in getting the site built.

You can get your brother-in-law to design it, you can get a college senior to code it, or you can buy a theme and do it yourself.

But you know this isn’t what you want. You know the horror stories are out there and you’ve probably been burned a few times yourself.

The brother-in-law can’t do mobile design, the college senior graduates and then never returns your emails for help and that theme you bought is actually a TOTAL nightmare when you try to customize it for your business.

I hope that I earned your trust and that you know in your gut that InControl Websites is different. I hope you read and listened to all of the testimonials on this page.

I want you to feel confident with InControl Websites.

But if there is a teeny-tiny piece of you that is unsure then I offer this guarantee. I will build your website and it will be live. You can send traffic to it, add new pages, add video, or do anything else that you want for 30 days after your purchase.

And if you’re unhappy for any reason at all… you will get 100% of your money back.

I’m looking to support your business growth and offer you an easy-to-use tool that helps to brand your fitness business, grow your email list, and make it clear to your possible new clients that you are VERY different than your competition

I know you’ll be happy and my goal is that you have such a great experience that you’ll consider my other services. So I have some stake in the game here.

"I Got So Much More Than Just a Website, I Can’t Recommend Her Enough!" - Lyonel Lumarque

"The Site Looks great and I’m Getting Responses. I’ve Worked with 4 to 5 Other Website Companies and She Is by Far the Best." - Mike Seta

"The Leads Coming In Are Hot VS Lukewarm. As a Coach This Is a Much Better Place to Start From." - Donovan Maycock

Here's What To Do Next

Go ahead and click the "Buy Now" button on this page. This will take you to the secure checkout page. You can view available payment plans and select what works best for you. Once you finalize your order you will immediately receive an email. In this email is a small checklist of items I need to build your brand new site.

It will ask for things like your business name, your preferred domain name, what content should go on your About Us page, etc.

You can take as little or as much time as you need to fill this in. I never rush you.

I work on your schedule. Simply email me the checklist when you're done and I'll build your new website in less than 4 business days.

"They Have Given Me Great Ideas On How to Convert Visitors Into Clients."

"I Thought It Was Too Good to Be True. It's Worth Every Dime."