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Own Your Habits- Own Your Health

If you’re like most of our students when they first came to us then you’ve tried everything to lose weight and get fit: weight watchers, paleo, the whole 30, juicing, clenses, crossfit, spin, beachbody… the list goes on. 

The quick fix diets and all or nothing workouts work for a short period of time  

Then you eat the pizza and stop watching the dvd’s and the first person you blame is yourself. You go back to your life and whatever habits you had before the diet and you start gaining weight again. 

Guess what it’s not you….it’s not your willpower or that you’re not capable enough 

Those quick fixes are designed to fail- they’re cookie cutter meal plans and workouts that aren’t sustainable and don’t address the real change factor… the daily habits that are unique to you in your life. 

That’s why we’ve created the Healthy Habit Model, a system to help you work on your daily practices to take ownership of your habits and make small changes that will have a massive impact on your fitness, health, and self-confidence  

Because it’s not about willpower, it’s about support  

Here are the 4 Pillars of Support we use to help empower you to get 1% better everyday: 


Our coaches work with you to determine what nutrition practices work best for you considering you’re goals and lifestyle you enjoy


We use small physical challenges and personalized coaching to help you get stronger, healthier, leaner and more confident. It’s about personal growth not competition


The mindset practice that encompasses everything else, we say get a little better everyday, no big overhauls or all or nothing thinking


The support of certified fitness and nutrition coaches to help you figure out how to make your health and fitness goals a reality within the chaos of life

Real Results from Real Clients...

“I’m doing things I’ve never done before, like doing 17 chin-ups! I can’t believe how strong I’m getting.” 

“When I walked through the door I'd given up on everything...”

“I feel much more comfortable in my own skin and like I really belong somewhere.”

Why Do We Focus on Habits?

  • Owning your daily habits feels like an accomplishment
  • Owning your habits builds confidence that flows into everything you do
  • Your able to focus on what you want in the long run instead of what you want right now
  • Owning your habits is centering, it puts you back into the central role in your own life and helps you realize the power you have in every decision you make
  • It’s hopeful because you realize that you are the creator of your life, the actions are what creates your health, fitness, career, relationships and finances
  • Owning your habits is freeing because through practice you develop a different mindset knowing your in control